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Dictionary Pen video guides

Recently we released C610D Dictionary Pen video guides.

Reading user guides is not something that the average user spend to much time doing and we hope these video clips will ease the pain getting started with the product (and hopefully turn out useful to those of you considering a #dictionarypen and want to know what you get).

In short the #dictionarypen scans and stores text in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. It contains multiple Oxford dictionaries and natural speaking TTS pronouncing single words as they are looked up/translated in the dictionary. The internal memory enables storage of 100’s of thousands pages of text (and can be used as general USB drive). It can also emulate a keyboard to scan and input text to a computer (no drivers to install). And doubles as a voice recorder… (click for detailed description).

Windows 10 Anniversary update breaks TS1 function

Please note that the latest update of Windows 10 – Anniversary update, version 1607, OS build 14393.51 the USB camera functionality is broken.

If you are a TS1 user Please DON’T update because you will be unable to scan after installing this update.

If you’ve done so, please uninstall within 10 days from the date of the update installation, you’re still able to go back to the previous version.

This affects a lot of imaging devices on the market and applies until the USB driver is fixed by Microsoft, sorry for any inconvenience caused and we will keep you informed.

UPDATE (2016-09-29) permanent fix:

Microsoft has announced that they have rolled out an update (KB3194496) that permanently fix the issue between Win 10 Anniversary and TS1.

UPDATE (2016-09-19) intermediate fix:

For those of you who are familiar with Windows registry, here is a fix to get your TS1 working again with Windows 10.

Make sure to back up your registry/create a restore point and revert back to the restore point in case the fix doesn’t solve the problem.


UPDATE (2016-08-17):

Latest news from Microsoft is that they will release an update to address the issue.

Mike from Windows Camera team says: “At the moment we have a prototype of the MJPEG update being tested, and once we validate it works well, we’ll look to publishing it out to customers who have already updated to the Anniversary Update, through our servicing channels.

We thus hope that this will be fixed soon (there is unfortunately nothing we can on our side as it is a matter of functionality that has to be supported in Windows).

Your patience is appreciated.

Dictionary Pen in US

We’re happy to announce that the Dictionary Pen is now available in USA through our long term partner Ectaco.

The Dictionary Pen hosts nine (9) OXFORD Academic and English Language Teaching (ELT) dictionaries and supports six different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian) It’s a totally portable, pocket-sized device that pronounces the looked up word with a natural speaking text to speech voice.

It is also a scanner for capturing lines of text and uploading to a PC, Mac or Linux computer, making it ideal for students, teachers and professionals to capture essential information.

There is no software required to upload the text to Windows, MAC or Linux PC’s. Just connect the device to a computer with a USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive.

Other features include a built-in voice recorder with playback.

The Thomas Hardye School

“We know, for some students (a few of the quiet ones who may not ask for help in class) it has made a big difference to their ability to access the text”

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The Hollins Technology College

“Saving human resources during hectic exam times – if at least some students can use it in the main exam hall, it will prevent TAs being removed from their normal supporting role in classrooms, and also minimise timetable disruptions that occur with having to use alternative classrooms. Also it helps us identify “normal” ways of working, so that we can help learners become more independent.”

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3.0 vs 3.5?

Usability: If you’re a very mobile worker/student, or highly appreciate your cable free desk we’d recommend the 3.5. If the cable is not necessarily a bad thing we’d recommend the 3.0. In all other aspects they are the same.

Performance: exactly identical if both are USB connected.

Features and compatibility: The actual difference is the 3.5’s Bluetooth support and Android compatibility. The rest is the same. Both work with Windows and MAC OSX. They have identical scan speed and support the same font sizes.

Feel free to pop us a question.


Need to translate text every once in a while? Or perhaps very frequently?

A digital highlighter is a very convenient tool to capture text, and if you link it with translation software on your computer you get real time translation from a book or a document to a document or an email in your computer. Full text translation that is…

Check out our new offer – a C-Pen digital highlighter bundled with PROMT Translation software.


Data entry

You don’t have to be a student to find a digital highlighter useful. It’s a very convenient tool to enter data into e.g. business systems as well. Enter dates, amounts, SKU#, invoice or order #, etc. Easy and convenient. And if you need some additional tricks like removing any white space or replacing commas then have a look at our Text Replace addon.

Voice overlay

In this post we wrote about how to extract information parts in a text in an easy and efficient way. If you’re supposed to learn what is said in the text you’ll read it over and over again. If you add text to speech you can listen as you read. With more senses involved we improve learning. Or why not just use a text to speech, plug in your earphones and listen. On the train, bus, while cycling or walking.

On Windows PC’s you can use the C-Pen embedded TTS, on MAC OSX you may use the voices that comes with the OS and with Android you can combine our C-Pen Note app and any TTS engine offered in Google Play.


About a month back, in February,
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Here’s our contribution to “what is a digital highlighter?”: