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TS1 (G2) is the successor and updated version of our previous TS1.

TS1 (G2) is a digital highlighter for desktop use, connecting to computers through USB. This device features a real time OCR engine translating the highlighted text into editable characters and numbers and input these to any application on the computer.

Perfect to capture text and data to business system or office applications.

Compatible with 64-bit Windows (Intel or AMD CPU) and MAC OSX (Intel CPU).

MAC OSX compatibility is pending release – October 2019.

For more information, visit the product page.

$90.00 ex VAT

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C-PEN Connect is a Bluetooth digital highlighter for mobile use that captures text, recognise it, and streams it in editable format to supported host devices.

Perfect to capture note and quotes from books or listening to text being read out.

App supports saving, sharing, reading out loud, translation.

Compatible with Android and iOS.

$129.00 ex VAT

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