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Connect Cloud one (1) month license

4.00 ex VAT

A FREE Connect Cloud account (simply sign up from within Connect Desktop app) gives access to file sharing and collaboration features valuable for both students, teachers and teams. 

A PAID Connect Cloud license provides additional access to our high quality dictionaries, supporting literacy/understanding while reading text out aloud.


For more information about Connect Suite, Connect apps and Connect Cloud, click HERE.

NOTE: This license is automatically assigned to the Connect Cloud account registered with the same email address as is used for this purchase.


DISCOUNT if buying multiple months' license. Breaking points at 3, 6 and 12 months.


This purchase is automatically logged to the Connect Cloud account with the SAME email address as used with this purchase.

CONNECT DESKTOP app is compatible with C-PEN Connect Buetooth text scanner and C-Pen readers ReaderPen and LingoPen.


  • File repository. Scan and save directly or import/export text files to/from ReaderPen/LingoPen.
  • Text Reader. Reads scanned text lines or full text files out aloud. Set to repeat to support better learning.
  • Word definition. Available as paid service (purchase license here). Stop text reading at any time and get instant explaination of current word.
  • Share and collaborate. Text files can be synced to cloud and shared with friends for collaboration purposes.
  • Reading & definition statistics. Use local stats or import stats from ReaderPen/LingoPen, generate custom word lists and play word games for practice.
  • Scan to cursor. Minimize the app and use our Connect Bluetooth text scanner to scan text and numbers to any other app.


Additional information


The license expires automatically after one (1) month.