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Need to translate text every once in a while? Or perhaps very frequently?

A digital highlighter is a very convenient tool to capture text, and if you link it with translation software on your computer you get real time translation from a book or a document to a document or an email in your computer. Full text translation that is…

Check out our new offer – a C-Pen digital highlighter bundled with PROMT Translation software.


Data entry

You don’t have to be a student to find a digital highlighter useful. It’s a very convenient tool to enter data into e.g. business systems as well. Enter dates, amounts, SKU#, invoice or order #, etc. Easy and convenient. And if you need some additional tricks like removing any white space or replacing commas then have a look at our Text Replace addon.

Voice overlay

In this post we wrote about how to extract information parts in a text in an easy and efficient way. If you’re supposed to learn what is said in the text you’ll read it over and over again. If you add text to speech you can listen as you read. With more senses involved we improve learning. Or why not just use a text to speech, plug in your earphones and listen. On the train, bus, while cycling or walking.

On Windows PC’s you can use the C-Pen embedded TTS, on MAC OSX you may use the voices that comes with the OS and with Android you can combine our C-Pen Note app and any TTS engine offered in Google Play.